Sunday, April 24, 2011

aku rindu kau buduh !

do you ever wonder how I’m doing? Do I ever cross your mind anymore? Am I on your mind like you're on mine? Can you look at something in your room and not have a memory of me and you come into your head? Can you not wish so much to hear I love you? Or to have me in your arms again. Do you ever lay there before you go to bed and wonder if I’m wondering about you too? Do you ever just hope and wish I’ll call? Or maybe want to hang out with me. Do you ever put yourself down and think your not good enough? Do you ever think what have I done wrong? Do you ever wonder if by the time you come around, if you come around, if ill still be here or not? And if you do, does that scare you? Is that a risk you want to take? Is that something your willing to do? Do you ever get a little smile on your face when you think of me? When someone says my name, does your heart skip a beat? If you see me do you fall all over again? And when you talk to me do you wish you were with me? When you see me walk by, or standing there do you ever wish you could just run up and say I love you. Do you ever wish you could hold me in your arms again? Or have the ability to kiss me anytime you want. Do you ever wish that you had someone there, someone who would go to the stars for you? Do you ever hear a song, and somehow make it to relate to me or the situation? Can you listen to our song without getting teary eyed? Does any word of it mean anything to you? And most of all, do you miss me like I miss you? Do you love me like I love you?

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