Sunday, April 24, 2011


A bad boy, but a bad boy with a soft side.
A boy who will make me laugh.
A boy who will let me play with his hair.
A boy who will stop and wait for me in the hall; take my hand; and walk me two classes away.
A boy who will tell me he loves me when I get to school.
A boy who will never be ashamed of me.
A boy who would go to something even though he doesnt want to; just to see me.
A boy who will run his fingers through my hair.
A boy who would take the long way to class and be late just to see me for 30 seconds.
A boy who would stay after school with me just to walk around and talk.
A boy that can free style for me.
A boy that would look me in the eyes and sing me something random but sweet.*
'A boy that acts normal around anyone.
A boy who would tell a girl that he had a girlfriend.
A boy who would make out in the rain with me.
A boy who would lay under the stars and tell me stories as I lay my head on his chest.
A boy who would wait for me outside the bathroom.
A boy who would come up behind me; take my hands; and lay his head on my shoulder so I can put mine on his.
A boy who lets me pay for some thing’s.
A boy who would do something special for me if I were having a bad day.
A boy who would write on "Happy Birthday" on a chalkboard in one of my classes on my birthday.
A boy who would take someone's cell phone; go into the bathroom and call me if I wasnt in school; and find out where I was.'
*A boy who would tell me things through my friends.
A boy who yells my name from across the hall.
A boy who would meet me at my locker every morning and at dismissal.
A boy who would beat another guys a$$ if they were messing with me.
A boy who would buy me 25 cent rings from gumball machines.
A boy who would call me at 3am and ask me what I was doing; and tell me he was thinking about me.
A boy who would go to the mall with me and we'd make fun of people.
A boy who would go places with me and my friends even though he'd be the only guy.
A boy who would laugh at me when I get a detention; only because he's sitting there next to me for the same reason.*
'A boy who would help me with my homework; even though he doesn’t know it either.
A boy who would pick out a song that made him think of me.
A boy who likes some of my music; and I would like some of his; even though we both in the first place hated it; but now love it cause they like it.
A boy who would help me if I was having problems at home.
A boy who would take the blame for me being late.
A boy who would pin me against a wall and kiss me.
A boy who would take me to the movies and see a stupid kid movie; just so we can sit in the back and make out.
A boy who makes his friends jealous of me because he talks about me so much.
A boy who lets me take pictures of him at embarrassing times.
A boy who would pretty much do anything for me.'


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