Sunday, May 22, 2011

♥ real besties ♥

when problems come . when a lots of problem comes to me . this are the person who always stick with me . 
never bored advised me . never bored accompanies me . never get bored hear my problem .


today my mom said to me , if we have a friend and she's now in a problem , dont you ever leave her to face it alone . dont think about any problem between you and her . just make it as a dust . blow it away . i think that it can be truth and i remember you . i admit i was hurt and cant take it when you say that i dont know you well . like i didnt care about you before this . but after i think it deeply for a few moments , i guess that i wanna take my mom advise . i try to forget the hurting words , decreasing my ego and ready to be there when you need someone to talk . yes ! you are annoying but i accept you with yourself because i know i am the best friend in this world and i want you to know that best friend didnt leave her friends facing problems without someone that she can call buddies . sincerely - dk -

this is the text message that she give me when we have our first fight . we fight because i said something that hurts her feeling . i was so touched with her words . althought that night we have a big fight but still she hear my problems . she help me when im facing a big fight with PP . this text been saved over a 4 months . i still keep it . im glad that we now never fight again . that was our first and last fight . im glad i have she in my life . im glad that many of my besties but she still the one who cares about me . each day we text . 
we ask hows life ? whats story today ? each day we still keep texting and never forgetting each other . and this coming monday . she ask me out with her . we go to other school because she want to transform . :)

i love her so much . 


well i dont have her text message like dk but i put her on my list because i love her also same like dk . we spent time a lot . we texting . we called . she a little bit like us . we same . not so much words i want to talk about her because what she did is same like what dk did . like i said we same . we closed . our parents know each other . maybe that what makes us close . glad to hear that .

i love her so much .


i post before about this guy rite . so no need to talk about it again . just read my old post . then u will know how this guys mean so much to me . :)

dk . i love her . :)

my beloved besties . both of them . nana & dk :)

im saying this not because my other besties is not good . their good . really good . but something change so fast that i realise this three only i can hope for . :)

i still love all my besties .

( pp , ely , tj , ayue , xiaxia )


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