Wednesday, January 18, 2012

F.R.I.E.N.D.S ( P . E . S . M . A . T . N .D )

What is a friend? She looks out for you, inspires you, laughs with you, cries with you, understands you, guides you and walks with you. That's what a friend is about and my post for today is about my friends .

I deeply care about each person I were friends with. For me, friendship is all about the personal connection. I tend to know everything about my friends' lives... and they know everything about me . My friends are my confidants , my world , my everything and my half . I are always there for my friends. I celebrate their successes and support them in their times of need same goes with them . They always be there when i need them . We through bad and goods in our life together .  I are as loyal as them . For me, they are the ' pusher ' when Im about to giving up . They are the ' skype ' when Im feel lonely or need someone to talk to . They are like ' goggle ' when Im on my searching . They are like ' clown ' to cheer me up when Im sad . They are like ' cheersleader ' when Im are glad they cheers for me .  
For almost 10 years above we've been friend . Neither them or me want to losing each other . Although we growing up now and find different path for each life but the friendship string will never break . No one either your new friends will break our relationship . Our string has been stronger by the laugh , the time we spent , the sadness , the fight we've been through . We are as hard as the brick . No . We are more harder than the brick . 
Yeah ! Sometimes we fight , sometimes we argue but that what makes us stay be friends because we honest in say something bad or dislike about each other like Ayu , she was a straight forward person . Always talk without think that it might hurt others feeling but we know her right ? Know better than anyone knows except her parents of course .  We accept her weaknesses . We might get hurt by her words but she just being herself . After all , its better talk straightly in front of  us right ? Or maybe like pipey :) She like the leader . Almost every words she say we follow . She always think she's right . She a hot temper person same goes with me . We fight a lot . It takes days just to get back along . When we fight , we talk something bad that just come spontaneous to our mouth just to hurt each other feeling but honestly that was not true . We tend to miss each other but we so egoistic to admit it . Between me and her , we were likes bestfriends forever when we get along and we fight we turns into enemy like Iran-Iraq . But neither her or me , we accept our weaknesses . I accept her weakness and lackness also the goodness ' seadanya ' same goes with her . We even more bless when we fight our others friends try to re-connect us . Try to work something just to make us okay . Im glad that every fight in our life , there's  NO ' ikut ikut ' or ' siapa sebelah ini dan siapa sebelah sana ' . 
Im not trying to show off to you that I have a bunch of great friends in the world but maybe a little bit show off there in my word. Or maybe i was truly trying to show you off . Haha . Pipey , Elly , Shasha , Tj , Nana , Dk dan Ayu was the greatest friend ever . Even we not hang out like as much as when we were in high school but sometimes when we have times we hang out together . I was about to warn you that they are MINE . No one will end up this relationship so easily except us . I love them . They were like my half of my life . Losing them means I ended losing my half and probably have to learn how to live in this world  with only my half inside my body and my heart . I dont want to losing them . I accept them for who they are . No need to change . We maybe not get the awards for perfect friends but I like the lackness in our relationship . It makes us learn more about ourself . We complete each other . 
That's all for my bitchy , my baby , my world , my half . My notes maybe not impressing enough or my english maybe not as perfect as you but i can tell you that this note come from my deep deep deep inside of my heart , my lung , my stomach , everything inside my body . :)


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